Fees and Plans

Pricing - a guide to our fees

At Susan Spence & Associates Dental Practice we see our patients on a private fee per item basis.

We also offer an ‘Essentials’ practice plan administered by Denplan. This allows you to pay monthly for your routine dental visits, as well as benefitting from dental insurance and discounts off some treatments. This plan includes examination and hygiene visits, tailored to your individual dental care needs.

After your first visit, you will have the option of continuing on a private fee per item basis or joining the ‘Essentials’ plan.

The items below are intended as a guide to our fees. We always provide a written estimate and treatment plan for your consideration.

Pricing options Private Essentials Plan
New patient examination (adult - to include x-rays) £120.00 £120.00
New patient examination (child) £46.00 N/A
Review examination (adult) £69.00 Included
Extended examination (adult – to include x-rays) £120.00 N/A
Examination (child under 5 years) £16.00 N/A
Examination (child 6-11 years) £27.00 N/A
Examination (child 12-18 years) £32.00 N/A
Hygienist visit (30 minutes) £69.00 Included
Hygienist visit (40 minutes) £92.00 Additional charge
Small x-rays £17.00 Included
Composite white fillings from £75.00 10% off
Crowns from £575.00 N/A
Root canal treatment from £425.00 N/A
Dentures from £545.00 N/A
Extractions from £150.00 10% off
Tooth whitening £395 10% off
Emergency assessment
(additional charges apply for x-rays and treatment)
£46.00 10% off